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Tableau Project

Aside from my Python coding, Excel, and AI background, I wanted to provide a closer look into one of my Tableau projects. The project's goal was to analyze the United States' emissions over the past 10 years and find a solution by comparing this data with that of other countries considered more environmentally proactive. Below is an overview of the interactive dashboards. An interactive dashboard is a feature in Tableau where users can link together different graphs and media using the same data to demonstrate the relationship between variables.



Emissions by Percent

The three different graphs were combined to clearly see the percentages of different emissions in 2019 by selecting the state I wanted to observe. 


Comparing Emission Change

Next I decided to see how the percentages of different emissions by state changed from 2018 to 2019. This brought my attention to which emissions were increasing.



Emissions Through the Years

The last dashboard featured the emissions by state and their trend throughout the last ten years. This highlighted the major emissions that needed to be addressed and decreased. 


USA to Proactive Countries

Comparing the United States to Portugal and Norway, we found that these countries have different laws in act to decrease their emissions. I recommended that the United States aim to cut Nitrous Dioxide emissions, which are produced by vehicles. These countries cut Nitrous Dioxide by increasing public transport cleanliness and efficiency while also increasing the use of electric cars. 

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