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Nice to meet you! My name is

Kayla Brusie

About Me

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Who is Kayla?

I'm a University of Miami Herbert Business School student majoring in Marketing with a love for all things creative and a belief in accessible luxury for all. Photography, once a hobby, became a stepping stone into the world of business and taught me the value of detail and dedication. As I navigate my academic journey, I have added minors in psychology and business technology to further develop my marketing knowledge. I also balance leadership roles within school and my sorority. My marketing experience, from increasing social media engagement to coordinating events, has fueled my desire to dive deeper into luxury marketing. I'm excited to bring my blend of creativity, marketing savvy, and belief in beauty for everyone to a team that cherishes inclusivity and innovation.

creating today by working in tomorrow

Areas of Focus

why I call myself a jack of all trades


Commitment to the Future

I enjoy the clarity that technology brings to complex problems. Crafting stories with data in Tableau, organizing information in Excel, and programming with Python satisfy my curiosity by seeing the world in a more structured way. My drive to pick up these skills is fueled by a desire to stay current and adaptable, ensuring I’m not left behind as our world evolves.


Getting the word out

My interest in marketing stems from a genuine curiosity about people's preferences and how to meet them effectively. Through roles like consulting for new market strategies and increasing social media engagement, I've learned the importance of listening to and understanding the audience to create meaningful connections.


Capturing the Personality

There’s a special kind of joy in shaping narratives, whether it's through photography, video, or social media posts; the goal is always to engage the audience and provide them with content that is both informative and appealing. My hands-on experience has taught me the value of clear communication and the impact of perfected content.

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